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I saw The Way Way Back.

1. Characters are all big stereotypical tropes you've seen 1000 times before in movies:

- single mom who won't stand up for herself (until she does!)
- mom's jerky boyfriend who doesn't like her son - what a jerk!
- super-awkward kid with a heart of gold who just needs a wise, irreverent guy with tattoos and a goatee to loosen him up and empower him
- irreverent guy with tattoos and a goatee who is somehow not played by Ryan Reynolds, who would never in a million years befriend the awkward kid in real life but maybe sees something in the awkward kid that he sees in himself! so he gives him advice about girls
- quirky other people who work at the same place as the irreverent guy with tattoos and a goatee
- crazy mom who lives next door
- crazy mom's daughter, upon whom a crush! is developed
- Rob Corddry
- etc.

2. NOTHING HAPPENS, except maybe a couple people find themselves during that one summer they'll never forget

3. People don't act like this in real life

4. Nobody is likable

5. Michael Scott as a mean, humorless guy who wears terrible shirts and describes his car as a "cherry" doesn't work

It's the kind of movie that critics know they're supposed to like, so we're supposed to say we like, because I don't know why, because it wasn't entertaining.
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