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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Dude, gay lifestyle is not "normal". It is about 2 percent but somehow everyone uses 10% from a study a while ago (I believe numbers were off from the actual comparison). Even at 10%, it is not "normal" behavior. I am not talking about right or wrong but it is far from normal. If it was, gay lifestyle would have been very common to everyone. I am left handed. I notice everyone that is left handed. It doesn't look normal. I believe 88% of the humans are right handed. I know it is different. My son does all sports left handed but he writes and eats right handed. Pretty different and not normal. It sure doesn't mean anything more than that.

What Drunk is saying is exactly how you want it to be seen. It isn't normal behavior (just like it isn't normal to be left handed). As for being left handed, I get it. I am different. Being left handed isn't normal. My wife is different and my oldest is even more of an oddity.

Once you can realize it isn't normal but it can still be accepted is the way to go. Trying to push something that very few people do in life is not considered normal.
Before Jackie Robinson was an abnormal sideshow, it was you damn lefties. It just ain't normal. Teachers got really angry if you tried to write with your left hand, and they would smack it with a ruler until you couldn't use it. You're gonna be normal and like it!!
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