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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Harvin was drafted in the first round as a receiver.. there's one. Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Bubba Caldwell.. ALL these guys are much more known than Florida's supposed primary players in their runningbacks..

It's truly absurd you are even arguing otherwise..even with opposing defenses trying to shutdown the pass first and letting the Gators run the receivers completely out shined the runners..

If that doesn't tell you what will?
Dude...just going by what you are saying so lets take your foot out of your mouth and see what you got here.

Harvin is one
Murphy is a backup and not a factor
Hernandez was and is a TE...NOT a WR at Florida
Cooper is a backup
Caldwell is a backup

I already named these guys. Thats 4 WR's still playing ini the NFL.

You said they were great players who were drafted early and none were except Harvin and they arent doing much in the NFL except....Harvin, who not only was a RB at Florida when you said he wasnt and he also had 52 carries at RB this year when Peterson went down, is playing RB in the NFL too, but yes, he was drafted to play WR. Oh wait, Chad Jackson was a 2nd round pick...who was a BUST!

All in all, your whole premise is a FAIL!!!

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