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Al Wilson

Originally Posted by champhalloffamer View Post
Chubb would be a dream at 5. If we got Cousins then Barkley, Chubb or Nelson at 5 it would be sweet. We could also be a prime spot for a team looking for a QB to trade up, say the Bills offered 21 and 22, a 4th plus the tackle Cordy Glenn. We than have our right tackle to pair with Bolles and 21,22 and 40 to get impact players and 2 3rds and 3 4ths to load up or to trade up.

Give me Davenport DE/OLB, Edmunds or Smith at ILB, Hernandez or Wynn at Guard, Jones or Michel at RB. Take any 3 of these at 21,22 and 40 and were ready to rock into next season.
Those 3 yes please.
Who's your qb in this scenario?
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