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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Our society has come a long way on this issue ... example: Three months ago we elected a new mayor in Seattle. I followed the campaign, watched a debate or two ... and voted for Ed Murray. And Ed Murray won ... yay!

Fast forward to first week in January, and it's the swearing-in ceremony ... and ... who is that guy with him? Damn, they're sitting awful close, what the... Yup, Murray is gay. He was openly gay all along, I just never realized. That's real progress I think.

Tombstone, check this out:
. . .
January 6, 2014 (Seattle) - Newly elected Seattle mayor Ed Murray (left)
takes the oath of office, as husband Michael Shiosaki (center) looks on.

This is Kshama Sawant, newly elected to Seattle City Council.
Born and raised in India, and a member of the SOCIALIST party,
Sawant promises to be relentless in her quest to bring a $15
minimum wage to the City of Seattle.

Me, I'm as liberal as a Massachusetts lesbian, but at $9.62 an hour, Washington has the highest minimum wage in the country now. If we pump it up like that, let's do it a dollar a year ... ease into it.

Tombstone, you'd love this town. If it weren't for their football team it'd be the best. You consider retiring here
I would love to move to the Northwest.
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