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Fire Jim Buss. Oh wait, he's family, so that's not going to happen.

I'm dealing with something like that at my job. The owner gives his family members jobs, but the problem is that he puts them in key positions. Positions that they aren't qualified for, and when they screw up it really doesn't matter. The owner's nephew just got a promotion that everybody knows should have went to me. We did similar jobs, but my work was way better. I'd even say that if the guy wasn't family he would have been fired a lot time ago for his screw ups.

That's what is going on with the Lakers. Jim Buss doesn't seem to be qualified to be the general manager, but he is playing GM. Lets be real, Mitch Kupchack isn't running anything anymore. He's the guy that trained under Jerry West, but Jerry Buss has turned the team over to his son.

If the Lakers do make a trade, get as much as you can for Howard and move Pau back to center. Pau is the best center on the team. They've been dicking him around since Bynum finally figured out how to play. Really thinking about it, they should have traded Bynum to fill holes they had and then move Pau to center. That would have solved their problems.
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