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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Bull****. You went from riding Orton's jock all last offseason...

Straight to hating on Tebow from Start #1 last year.
Again...I challenged you and other nuthuggers to look up EVERY post i ever made about Tebow...and yet it was never I did it myself. this is in just one thread dated July of 2010 about whether or not you'd want Tebow or Cutler

Oh, and to that other douche ol#7....apology accepted, you ****ing dumbass.

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Cutler will get better as he gains more experience, but character, like speed cannot be coached. Tebow is the kind of guy I'd root for because too many people say he can't even though he's always proven he can.

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Exactly...Tebow is a born leader while Cutler is a malcontent. As far as mechanics go....Rich Gannon threw with a side arm kind of motion and he seemed to put up big numbers in the right offense, as does Phillip Rivers whose mechanics also came under scrutiny in pre-draft workouts...but he wins games (just not playoff games).

As long as he's not throwing tons of INT's and he wins games I'm not gonna be worried about Tebow

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Turning the ball over in the red zone is a huge sin....Cutler did it often, Orton did it rarely, and Tebow will just flatten whoever gets in his way. Rumor has it that Superman and Chuck Norris wear Tim Tebow jammies to bed

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Ah, and now we get to the real reason you're not a tebow fan.....i guess it's ok to be arguably college football's greatest player ever as long as he's not a high character guy who also believes in god. Penn state or the state pen is your motto huh?

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Tebow played in the SEC, which is almost as good as some NFL teams....and has produced numerous NFL stars. Not to mention he's probably college football's most battle tested QB having played for two national championships. He's played in several big games...winning more than his share of them.

I agree we don't know how he'll turn out as an NFL QB...but given his history, I think it would be unwise to bet against him succeeding

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