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I just emailed the heads of the following. Who knows if they'll even consider it.

"To Whom it may concern......

I am an avid reader and supporter and for the most part, I love the site. However, I think you guys have severly dropped the ball in a recent news story. Please allow me the time to get my point across and ask a favor.
As you well know, Darrent Williams was brutally murdered early new years day. As a life long fan of the Denver Broncos, my heart was totally ripped out. I think I speak for all the fans of the Broncos when I say that., along with and the ESPN television broadcasts chose to bury this story into the middle of your news coverage. Why? Who knows. Maybe because Darrent was a class act on the field and cared for the kids of the Denver community. He wasn't terrell Ownes who, if he blinks, you guys make the lead story.
I can't change the fact that you guys dropped the ball on this tragic story. Neither can you. You can make up for it though......
Not only were the hearts of the fans, his teammates, and his family's ripped out, Darrent left behind 2 young children.
I think it would be a tremendous help if you guys would post on your lead page the information for the "Darrent Williams Children Fund". The information is as follows:


A memorial fund has been set up by the team:

The purpose of the fund is to benefit Williams' two children for future educational and health needs.

Contributions can be sent to:

Darrent Williams Children s Fund

c/o Denver Broncos

13655 Broncos Parkway

Englewood, CO 80112

Once again, I'm disappointed you guys decided to bury a story that I thought should have dominated the entire day, if not the entire week. But, I guess the firing of Jim Mora and Dennis Green was more important."
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