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I am usually just a rover on this site and just read but I thought I might ask a question...
How do you expect an offense to click when you do not use it? I don't know if I could make a catch when I don't get thrown to until 4 min left in the game. And how do you expect to win a game by throwing 15-30 passes the last 4 min of EVERY game?

I will admit I am a transplant fan. I am a HUGE gator fan, so you know the rest of the story. I obviously am a fan of tebow and after seeing what I have seen from him in the past, I agree that he his not playing well right now. However, I think everybody forgets what kind of team denver has. I think the play call sucks and I think this plays huge into the psyche of the whole Offense. Tebow is scared when he does throw, Mcgahee is going to retire in 3 seasons bc he will be so beat up and eventually the D is going to give up. I just do not understand what some of you think a QB or a whole offense can do when the staff only lets you throw in the fourth quarter. Tonight he had I think 16 att going into the fourth. What confidence does that breed. I would love to see a stat on how many pass att there have been for less the 10 yards. How hard is it to game plan for any qb or offense when they are going to run most of the game and throw deep 10 times. I also agree with the person that said Fox has always been a .500 coach, what do we expect. Conclusion: Tebow is no Brady, Rogers, or Breese BUT, this team is not the pats, pack, or saints either. Just my .2
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