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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
My favorite = Exile on Main Street by a nose over Let it Bleed. To be fair though I never really soaked up Beggars Banquet.
Exile had a bit too much filler on it for my liking...don't get me wrong when I say that, overall I really enjoy the album but they really struggled to maintain a high quality over a double album set IMHO.

When it comes to the Stones, my faves are:
Beggars Banquet
Get Your Ya Ya's Out
Let It Bleed
Some Girls
Tattoo You
Exile On Main Street
Their Satanic Majesties Request
and then I rely on the Greatest Hits type compilations for the rest.

From another thread - Chris Cornell covers Michael Jackson (unplugged). Funny though, I don't hear that screeching fingers on a chalkboard vocal style Hoghan complains about ... sounds more like a less-spastic Joe Cocker to me
So he doesn't do it here as much as he did in Soundgarden or Temple Of The Dog (especially Temple Of The Dog) He's an irritating vocalist any way you slice it....he pretty much defines the term histrionic
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