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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
I remember when Taylor left and the Stones were searching for a replacement.

They considered my man Steve Marriott for about a minute and a half.

In retrospect, I can see it wouldn't have worked (Jagger would have been living in a state of perpetual professional jealousy) but I still wish I could have heard Marriott with the Stones at least once.
Your other man Peter Frampton was supposedly on the short list too I thought

My favorite = Exile on Main Street by a nose over Let it Bleed. To be fair though I never really soaked up Beggars Banquet.

From another thread - Chris Cornell covers Michael Jackson (unplugged). Funny though, I don't hear that screeching fingers on a chalkboard vocal style Hoghan complains about ... sounds more like a less-spastic Joe Cocker to me:

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