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BobHorry5 selects Dikembe Mutumbo.

Those Cheap Bastards select:

Bobby Jones, F/G, Nuggets, 76ers

6'9", 210

Of the players remaining on the board, he has the most all defensive team selections.

Jones was known for his outstanding defensive play, earning him eleven All-Defensive team selections, including eight 8 on the First Team. A defensive guru and thinking man's basketball player. A good leaper, Bobby used good foot-work and shrewd on-court anticipation to get strategic defensive positioning. Jones often was a step ahead of his opponent which gave him the upper hand and caused the offensive player to be off-balance.

During his career, Jones played in one ABA All-Star Game and four NBA All-Star Games. He led the ABA in field goal percentage twice, and led the NBA in field goal percentage during the 1977-78 season. In 1983, Jones was selected as the very first NBA Sixth Man of the Year.
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