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Phillip Lindsay

1st half impressions knee jerk imressions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. They still can't shoot. JR Smith actually made a few, but it's a pipe dream to think that we'll get 40% from behind the arc from him.

2. That being said, Smith seems to have a nice little chemistry with Carmelo.

3. Good god Boykins is a major liability for this team. He drives me nuts and I don't think it's a coincidence that the Nuggets played poorly with him in the game.

4. Martin looks like he has a spring in his step that he didn't have last year, and Nene looks pretty good considering his knee was shredded 367 days ago. Good news, but I would still like to see them move one of them for someone that can shoot the freaking ball.

5. Does Karl plan on playing all twelve guys every night?? Damn near everyone got in the game; I assume he is anticipating the back to back tomorrow night, and still doesn't have his rotation worked out. Hopefully they can narrow it down. But I do like the depth!

Nuff said. Go Nuggs.
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