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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by bombay View Post
I think he simply fulfilled his destiny. He never left the gangs behind, regardless the location of location of his domicile. It appears that luck has been on his side for a long time. Until last week.
Here's the part that I just find utterly amazing. A guy like Hernandez could live below his means, say on $1 or $2 million per year (an extremely comfortable life) and retire from the NFL with, let's say, $30 million in the bank. Let's say he invests that money in blue chip stocks that are high dividend payers and conservatively, he gets 5% per year. That would mean he could spend the rest of his life living on a beach in the Bahamas with a cool $1.5 million rolling in every year, and he doesn't even touch the capital. In the years he chooses not to spend that much, he can roll it back in and get more back per annum.

The stupidity of some of these guys is incomprehensible to me.
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