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Originally Posted by SVine View Post
Designed two magnificent game plans for their two playoff games. SD was seriously shut down for 2 1/2 quarters, and NE was held without a TD into the 4th quarter. I am not sure how many D Coordinators can design game plans with such a depleted D against good offensive teams.

The prevent D played in both playoff games is very frustrating and concerning. A 2 man rush on the Brady qb run from 2 yards out was an absolutely crap ridiculous play call.

Close a fuggin game out and don't forget how you got to a big lead for crying out loud!

The offense going on 10 play, 8 minute drives? I said this in another thread, but NE took 4 minutes off the clock when they were down by 16. They needed to score faster than they did. They did not. If the same situation happens in 2 weeks I'll be happy. It means we have a double digit lead late in the SB.

Some people are never satisfied.

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