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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Kings destroy the Sharks last night.

Next up, Avalanche.

Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
Some posters are so naive on how the world works. Just because the charges were dropped doesn't mean her claim didn't happen. I seem to recall a certain super star just recently declaring his innocence to the world.... Von miller, how'd that turn out? Still butthurt about that huh?
It has nothing to do with naivete. Some people belief that when a person is not convicted of a crime then that is the end of it.
Personal beliefs or moral ones have nothing to do with the law.
Most always jump to the conclusion that because a person is accused then they must be guilty. Whether guilty or not is irrelevant if you can't prove it in court.

Innocent people get accused and convicted all the time. Guilty people get away all the time.
But if the accusations are not proven with evidence then hush and move on.
Attempting to condemn someone on the basis of some moral argument is ridiculous. It holds no merit in the court of law.
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