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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
still mad about us beating you earlier :-)
You beat all of our teams earlier. Now, not so much. 1st to 6th in conference and 8th is only 2 points behind the Avs.

I will give the Avs still a ton of kudos from last year and their 47 points would be 3rd place in the ****ty Eastern Conference.

That being said, GO DUCKS! Detroit got b**** slapped and I expect some of the same @ Devils and @ Capitals. Possibly sweep with @ Islanders but with back to back on road, that is tough. That being said, those sucktards scored with 22 seconds to go in the 3rd to get to overtime and then win it when Lovejoy bounced one off of Perry's skate to lose their one of only two games at home. REVENGE!
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