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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I thought Hagan looked good considering circumstances.

I'm just floored about how ****ing stupid the organization itself is.

But Hagan is just a possession guy, a carreer 11 YPC guy. Streeter probably figures to be the same type of reciever. Our 2 most explosive WR's were in street clothes.

Stupid how? That guy is dead. The guys Reggie brought in look like they can play a little. Wheeler (FA) and Burris (3rd round pic) upgrade our LB corps, and Streeter (udfa) looks like a decent slot guy. Bartell held up except for 1 catch and Spencer didnt have his name called all night.

Without the longsnapper fiasco it's a 1 possession game. And it would happen to any team, I seem to remember the NYG missing 2 field goals a few years back when their LS went down.
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