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Originally Posted by BroncoFanDoug View Post
Originally Posted by KCStud blaming their last loss in injuries! This with our team decimated.
"Oh yeah! congrats on beating a team with injuries all over the place!

Get the brokeback trailer park fans out in full force and keep rollin! Get the coors out and celebrate beating a hobbled team!

Sing it! waaaaaaahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!"
Here was my response, because I got no love last time from what I considered a reasonably clever turn of a phrase!
"Wow! I did not believe it was possible but kcstiff has managed to reach a new pinnacle in illogical self-delusional justification of his team losing!!! This should really go down in the annals of stupid comments, and I believe it could be an Orange Mane top 10 of all time.

Thank you kcstiff for providing me an endless supply of ridiculousness that puts a smile on my face! I look forward to your next idiocy, but really not sure you can top this one."

Given the nature of the bozo, I'm guessing he can top it by Thursday.
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