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With the next pick THE THUGGISH RUGGISH BONE takes.........

  • In regards to medication for his behavior Artest said, "I've never taken medication (to control moods) in my life. Doctors have suggested it and I say, 'OK, give it to me.' But then I go home and I throw it in the garbage."[citation needed]
  • On the All-Star game; "They better not put me in the All-Star Game. I won't shoot, but I'll dominate that easy game. I'll be playing hard defense. I'll be foulin'. I'll be flagrant fouling. Everyone will be like, 'What are you doing?'" [7]
  • In regards to Bonzi Wells' free agent status and re-signing with the Sacramento Kings, Ron said, "[Bonzi] called me last week. I told him if he leaves, then I'm going to kill him. Unless he wants to die, he's got to stay (with the Kings)."[6]
Oh yeah, he is also a 15.0 PPG and 7.0 RPG player

ANd he plays defense

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