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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
It's definitely a thought. I don't see how he goes in Round 1.

I'm not overly high on Ogletree. Taking college 34 ILBs that play in limited space and schemes, and projecting them to a 43 NFL style defense is pretty risky. Not to mention the off-the-field concerns.

He definitely appears athletic and probably is a 3 down LB, but what is the cost? He looked bad in the run game, and most RBs in the NFL are Lacy's size. I guess he could be a developmental talent if you think you could put another 10-15lbs on him while being able to keep his athleticism. His instincts are obviously good as well.

I'd still feel a little reluctant taking him in the last 2nd to play MIKE in a 43. There is definitely risk there regardless of early draft hype.
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