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I love that Dodge came out with this ride! They need more SRT/RT vehicles as Ford winds down their SVT series.

My uncle has 1 dealership flying both Ford and Dodge flagships from the same site, very unique set up...Dodge field reps hate the fact they have to compete with Ford on the same lot and continuously marks him down on his dealership score for selling both from 1 lot. My point, both Dodge and Ford make a great truck, but the truth is most people come into a dealership wanting to buy a Ford and due to financial reasons buy a Dodge. Personally, I would never choose new a dodge over a new ford truck unless I was simply trying to save money. The Ford is a better truck from top to bottom inside and out. Dodge has a few key areas where they can boast (great braking system, cummins, economical), but unless that's important to you, the difference isn't even close.

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