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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Yeah, like if Peyton got injured in preseason and Tebow took Jets to playoffs, half these clowns wouldn't be in here bumping threads thumping their chests feeling vindicated

after all the **** spewed in this thread (not to mention the other ones) my "gloating" is warranted and the reason for it is that many others trashed this team, Elway, Fox, the FO, etc. to defend their own ignorant opinions and guesses.

Could be wrong, but I dont believe I trashed the front office, Elway or Fox. I saw a 37 year old QB coming off of four surgeries on the same body part. From all reports AT THE TIME, no one knew for sure if he could play at the level Manning had experienced previously. I saw holes on defense, and could not see the benefit of having a potentially gimpy QB signed for ridiculous amounts of money when we had serious needs elsewhere and could have gone after a few key FA's. As I stated in the podcast a few weeks back, I was clearly wrong about that.

So for you to specifically pick out something I said back in April or May, and then with hindsight try and correct me makes you look like a complete dick, for no other reason than being a dick.

Kudos on your dickness, I guess.

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