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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by montrose View Post
Reading the article, he said one source said Broncos and Titans were top 2, the other said add the Dolphins and make it a top 3. I dont think anyone knows at this point, including Peyton, lol.
That's the truth! It is a mosaic and people are trying to predict the outcome with 1 or 2 bits of information. Very tough to tell where this thing might be going. And Peyton is a smart guy. So I wouldn't put it past him to playing the media and all this "sources" crap. And I don't really buy and of this crap about Peyton comes with Clark, Wayne and Tom Moore. I think Peyton is smarter than that. He wants to win and he wants control of the offense. However, he doesn't own those other guys and cannot force them to take below market deals to be a package with him. And secondly, I think Peyton is looking out for #18 first. Some of them may wind up with his future team, but I doubt that stuff is being talked about now.

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