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Originally Posted by LRtagger View Post
I just called again and asked for retention. Got a really nice girl on the phone and told her I was thinking about canceling. She said I wasn't eligible for any discounts because I have only been a customer for 6 months and they only give out discounts to longtime customers with good account history. She said if I waited until next season I could probably get the discount.

I made small talk about how times are tough, we have two kids, etc. and she put me on hold for a couple minutes. Came back with $199 total with all the extras. I tried to push for more, but she said she said no thats the best she could do and I had to pay it as one lump sum because she wasnt allowed to put any more monthly discounts on my account so I said OK (I'm already getting $31 off per month as the incentive when I started service). I didnt want to push it. Ended up being a 30 minute call with all the small talk, but worth it. At the end of the call she even gave me pointers on how to negotiate the price for next season.

Which were?

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