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Hey all,

I have been working all day and just got in. Needless to say, I'm very happy about the way things turned out. I'm in the final three and now I leave the decision in your capable hands. And the question is simple:

Vet or Newbie? Do you want someone who has been there before, has been a ringleader before, has stuck his neck out, has taken risks in other Survivors? Or do you want a couple of johnny-come-latleys to win the title. When did they get here? July 2006. I've been on the Mane since 2002, and have been an active and contributing member. I have run 4 different all time mock drafts, I have run the adopt a bronco draft, and have run the past two NFL mock drafts. What have these guys done for the Mane?

So, is it a vote for experience, or a vote for "Dude, what's Survivor? That looks cool." These guys don't even know about CBS's and Apa's almost game changing ploy two years ago. They don't know about the infamous Goatse. They have no clues about Zombies or shanks. They have never heard of the Mole, Elim Garak, or Old Dude the Younger. Hell, they probably don't even know what CBF1's real name is. I do.

So, vote for who you think played the game the best, both now and in the past. Who is the best Survivor player that is left in this game? As one veteran player once recently said, when asked about Bowtown, "Who is this guy?" If you don't remember their names.......
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