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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Maliki didn't want us there, the Iraqi Parliament didn't want us there.

What "diplomacy" could Obama have pursued that would have changed their mind on the big issues surrounding our presence there after the SOFA ended?
How can US Forces operate in countries that don't grant immunity from prosecution or have a SOFA in place? That's a starting point. I'd also negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding if the Iraqi Parliment refuses to give US Troops immunity from prosecution. Or I'd ratify a temporary treaty with Iraq until the US Forces are withdrawn.

I mean, there're ways of doing stuff. I'm not advocating that the US stay permanently in Iraq, what I'm saying is there are diplomatic avenues that the US could have pursued that would have bought more time for the US forces to remain in Iraq. Even if the US Forces stayed there a few more years it would have had a great impact on current issues, especially the Syrian issue. Syria hated the fact that US Troops were in Iraq.

I know it's complicated, I know it would take some rather creative diplomacy. But if there is one guy who could tap dance Iraq into giving the US Troops a little more time before a permanent withdrawel it's BO.

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