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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
What's funny about this is that years from now, people will look back at this season and they won't remember the Chiefs, well except you and a few others. There will be a far higher chance that people look back at the Broncos acquiring "the best FA of all time" and then him, along with your Elway safety draft pick, choking their way out of a playoff game they should have won.

It's also hilarious that Bronco fans make fun of the Chiefs for their failures in the 90's with Marty. Get used to that, because that's what your Peyton Manning run is going to mirror. It's so funny that everyone on this board says that the Chiefs seasons in the 90's were worthless, but suddenly this year for the Broncos was worthwhile?

Have fun with Marty version 2.0 and the biggest choke artist in playoff history, because you're not winning a SB with them and as soon as that's over, you're right back down to to mediocrity with Twilight running the QB show.

Say what you want, but I'll take a coach who is 11th in all-time playoff wins, has proven success turning a franchise around and has a motto of "keep firing" over a conservative scared Marty Schottenheimer clone that has a motto of "we play NOT to lose". Enjoy!
You thought you were going to win with a HC that has a career .312 win % when this thread was made, suddenly Fox is Marty 2.0 and Manning sucks.

You know you face an uphill rebuild that will be years in the making unless they get that special bag of roids smuggled out of his sons room over to kFc.

Good luck drafting a DT or WR with your 1st pick in the draft.
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