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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I am content with not being the worst team in the NFL and being a perennial playoff team. I have seen my favorite teams win Championships in my life time. I will not, not post something because I fear I will anger the "Karma" god.

The fact that Denver dropped a hard fought DIVISIONAL playoff game that will be remembered for ages as a well contested game (when the officials weren't impacting it) does not suddenly make kFc not the worst team in the NFL and all the points we made about how bad they sucked wrong.

Not holding a lead for over 8 weeks is EPIC bad and we saw it coming in April. Those of us that posted in this thread about how bad of a failure your team is, were and, continue to be, right.

Personally I didn't expect the Broncos to go 13-3 and have the #1 seed in the playoffs. I expected they would need a season to break in Manning before contending for a SB, having the #1 seed and losing only showed this team that it still needed a few pieces to get to the next level and that they need to work that much harder to get to the AFC Championship game and beyond.

To think my posts went against "Karma" and were the reason we lost is insane.

Your team clearly sucked and we clearly won 13 games this year, it would take kFc 3 years to win that number of games.

We had 3 coverage break downs by our safeties in one game. The officiating was a disgrace to the NFL. We are still light years better than anything kFc will feebly field next year. I will have fond memories of sweeping the division and the 11 game win streak. You get to remember blowout after blowout and your players committing heinous acts.

The one thing that experiencing the 1996 loss to the Jags taught me was that nothing I can do impacts the pay of my team. Losing a close game that should have been won in the playoffs is not worth being upset for weeks on end or losing sleep over. I learned how to not overreact and ruin a couple weeks over something I have no control over. I learned to appreciate the game for what it was, an exciting game we had the chance to win. I learned back in 1997 that it is much better to have been there and lost and on the cusp of winning a SB than having the 1st overall pick in the draft. I can appreciate the 8-8 divisional championship as much as the 13-3 divisional championship. I learned that nothing is given to the 1st overall seed in the playoffs, and that everything is earned. I learned to appreciate every playoff appearance because a lot of teams fans don't get to learn what I learned or experience what I have experienced.

The reason I fed this thread and kicked the dead horse that is the kFc chef's is because idiots (FearLanier the only exception) like you kept thinking kFc wasn't as bad as reality dictated. It was only until this post that you saw that your team was in constant disarray we saw it back in April. Even now you feign reality and consider kFc only a "Struggling" team and not the losers they really are. Sure lots of teams have won only 2 games in a season but you have to go back 70 years to find a team who could not hold a lead in regulation for as long as kFc did.

Yes Denver could not overcome a tough Ravens team (and a poor officiating crew), but they are far from the Historic suckage that your 2012 kFc Chiefs are and always will be remembered for.

Suck on that Studly.
What's funny about this is that years from now, people will look back at this season and they won't remember the Chiefs, well except you and a few others. There will be a far higher chance that people look back at the Broncos acquiring "the best FA of all time" and then him, along with your Elway safety draft pick, choking their way out of a playoff game they should have won.

It's also hilarious that Bronco fans make fun of the Chiefs for their failures in the 90's with Marty. Get used to that, because that's what your Peyton Manning run is going to mirror. It's so funny that everyone on this board says that the Chiefs seasons in the 90's were worthless, but suddenly this year for the Broncos was worthwhile?

Have fun with Marty version 2.0 and the biggest choke artist in playoff history, because you're not winning a SB with them and as soon as that's over, you're right back down to to mediocrity with Twilight running the QB show.

Say what you want, but I'll take a coach who is 11th in all-time playoff wins, has proven success turning a franchise around and has a motto of "keep firing" over a conservative scared Marty Schottenheimer clone that has a motto of "we play NOT to lose". Enjoy!

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