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It's funny how the universe works. Karma is a powerful thing, no?

Broncosteven goes on for almost 4 months bumping this thread daily to make fun of a struggling team, efficiently making an art of "beating a dead horse" and laughing at a team in constant disarray.

Kaylore makes this thread and calls it epic and does the same.

Drunkenbroncoholic (I believe this is your name) says he wants to taste the tears of Chiefs fans.

How fitting that the Broncos lose the most agonizing game in not only their history, but also one of the worst in NFL playoff history, Kaylore gets absolute owned by his Joe Flacco and Raven comments and this board is crying sweet Bronco tears that could quench the thirst of every creature in the Sahara desert.

Karma is a powerful thing and you learned that the hard way.

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