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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
10 years? Reid was 3 minutes away from going to SB in 2009. That's not deep in the playoffs?

Reid is basically the same hire as John Fox, just different philosophies. Both did very well with their previous teams. Went to the SB and lost to the Pats.

In Philly, there was a power struggle the last few years. Giving Reid power back is the smart idea. It's what helped him be successful.
Reid is bringing baggage to a team with it's share of baggage already. Fox went from a team that wouldn't spend money or support him, Reid had power stripped from him because he was failing.

It will be interesting to see what he does about the QB situation and if he can motivate a team and not have them quit on him again.

Like I said before I wonder if he doesn't try to plug some other holes like OL or WR 1st then move back up to get one of the lame QB's in this years draft. Who knows he might keep Cassel and maybe pull a trade for Kolb or Flynn and go Vet at QB. I would love to see him aquire Kolb and try to win with him!
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