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Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
Criminy, it isn't rocket science. Outside of lowering travel costs this format isn't working. I'm real sure the Western teams are concerned about their fan base getting to see Ovechkin and Crosby. They are probably more concerned their equally talented rookies are getting no mentions because they aren't being featured in games on the all mighty east coast.

The other problem is strong divisions where really good teams just end up knocking other really good teams out of the playoff picture.

Bettman is just clueless.
Yeah I agree with that. I heard in the All-Star telecast on Versus that Bettman said he may not go back to the old scheduling but rather "tweaking" the current schedule. I mean I'm watching a good all-star game and then I hear this little pip-squeak yapping and he leaves me scratching my head.
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