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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Keep banging that drum, bud. I'll see you one Robert Byrd (who later recanted and apologized for his previous racist activities), and I'll raise you:

Jesse Helms (Democrat, turned Republican)
Strom Thurmond (Democrat, turned Republican)
Lester Maddox (Democrat, became Independent)
Trent Lott (Democrat, turned Republican, member of Council of Conservative Citizens)
George Wallace (Democrat, turned Independent, ran on segregationist platform)

So, you have to ask yourself (and if you know anything about political history, which it is clear you do not, you already know the answer), why did all these guys leave the Democratic Party...and why did many of them either run against other Democrats in place of or alongside Republicans, start conservative groups, or become Republicans all together?

I won't be nice and answer that question for you, I will just allow you to sit there with a stupid look on your face.

Now, kindly...SHUT THE **** UP.

Liberals clearly are void of logic. The democrats are clearly the party of racists, history has shown that no matter how liberals try to spin it. But in their eyes, racist democrats switching to republican means that the republicans are racists despite a much higher percentage of them voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act than democrats. So "logic" to them means racists in the democrat party switched to republican because they are racists even though more republicans voted for that bill, so switching to the side that supported it even more than democrats. This is why liberals sound and look dumb every day when they come up with such stupidity.
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