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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Another great surprising win by the Nugs. Don't know why I get surprised anymore, guess I'm conditioned to believe that we always lose in Utah. Freaking team is awesome, and they're figuring out how to do it without Ty. Need to keep it going tonight.

As far as the Knicks go, whether we won or lost the trade, Masai has done an outstanding job with this team since taking over. And the Nugs are the better team. I'd love to see them go against the Knicks in a 7 game series. I bet the Nugs would win in 5.
Both benefited from the trade and are better teams now than they were. And i doubt either will beat the Heat/Thunder. If either even get far enough to have the opportunity.

All the nuggs fans are obsessed with Melo (who is ballin' right now), but how about JR Smith! He's actually turned into a basketball player.
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