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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
If it's purely about money, I think it will be Tennessee. Even if it's not purely about money, sometimes there are just too many zeroes on a check to ignore. It seems to me that Peyton felt most comfortable here in Denver. He's played golf with Elway, Fox is about the most likable coach in the league, and his buddies live here. I'm sure he knows Elway is committed to bringing a Lombardi to the Broncos. But Bud Adams might just be willing to clear out the bank for Manning. I doubt Bowlen would play that game. The Broncos probably have a set price for PM beyond which they're not willing to go, and I'm guessing that crazy old bastard in Nashville will just blow right past that number.
I agree. All things being equal (for argument's sake), go with the highest bidder. Ten is not a bad team, Manning can win with them immediately. If Bud Adams is throwing money at him, plus offering other incentives, Manning would be silly to take the Broncos over the titans because the Titans are more ready as of now. The only real unknown is the Titans HC, but the way Adams is acting, I'm pretty sure the HC will just give Manning what he wants and concentrate on the defense...
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