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Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
It is not that I don't track it. It is that I get b****ed at to get the vote out and if I take more than 20 minutes it gets worse. I have everything saved the reason JCM asks for the vote to be specific is so I can easily apply what you have and check it.

When you say "whatever I have left" I have to go cross check everything. Instead of just tallying up what you say against what I have tracked.

The spread sheets get so big because of the options, so much so that I have to make a new tab for each round of voting. It just becomes too cumbersome if I did it all on one sheet. It actually is so much easier when the PM is formatted to the specific category. Because I can just go down the spreadsheet and fill in that area. I have check cells set up but it goofed with ghwks torpedo count.

I am feeling pretty ****ty right now about screwing up the vote. Given the damn twists and turns and voting options and gifts, I was pretty pleased with my tracking, until tonight.

The fact that an error in my tracking led me to say a person was off the game when they shouldn't have feels pretty bad. But it gets damn frustrating how ungrateful you guys can be. Especially when I see four posts in a row from Irish.
Ok game mode off here, I think it been a great game and I want to throw some props to you and JCM for hosting while the rest of us sit around and shoot off our mouths. Reminds me of when I coached little league, now soccer which I don't know **** about, and all the other parents contributions amount to a pile of comments and that's it.

So all the **** I throw at you and JCM from my point has just been to make the game more fun and give folks something to read. Nothing personal and I'll keep those to a minimum and just direct to the other spacers.

As far as making a mistake it couldn't have come at a better time in terms of Bmores gloat fest, so no worries on my part at all. I love karma when it spins my way.

Hey Bmore how's that little victory dance now!
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