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Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
And quite frankly ghwk. Your vote should be invalidated. When I get ****ty ass votes that do not follow directions and make my ****ing job (voluntary job that is) harder. I pray you guys are taken out. This **** does not help:

I had to dig through 3 rounds of votes to apply "whatever you had left"

So I just checked again and in doing so, I just caught a second error as I applied ghwk with a torpedo penalty, but I should not have. So take away 3 points and he only has 6 damage.

That results in a 3 way tie for 4th most votes. I go back to my argument that a non-active player should go home instead. But hey I don't make the ****ing rules, I just get b****ed at for them because I have to track them.

So whatever JCM ****ing wants to do he can do. I don't care.
Ah sorry APA your job sucks btw and I don't ever want it. Yes that is exactly what I sent and if you want to invalidate it then please do. I thought it was easy because I had 3 phasers and 6 torpedoes which I thought you were tracking on your abacus or whatever the heck you are using. I guess I never would have thought you'd trust us to give you an accurate throw weight.

If I play on I'll give you better info. JCM if my future is up to you please disregard the turd label. Unless you still vote no. In that case I will go hunt for a jpg.
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