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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
That being that you got off the vote wrong. When you get offf, get it right.

Heyneck had carry over. It was posted earlier. He was a non-voter in like 3 rounds. He and ghwk tied in votes last round... does a non-voter really carry the same weight as a legit contributor. I know Apa doesn't like ghwk... and I hate the fact that every time I type his name my computer autorcorrects to gawk. but Apa. Comeone man! Heyneck and Ghwak have the same deals, but heyneck had some longevity in being a non-entity and that **** was carrying over right? Dude didn't vote last two rounds.
Apa hates me? I didn't know that? Why? I'm sort of butthurt about that.
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