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Strategy tips for newbs:

1. Information is power. Disinformation is dangerous.

2. In previous episodes of Survivor, piling on - stampedes - dogpiles - whatever you want to call them - made things a little too predictable. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out where a stampede is headed. Figuring out where the secondary stampede is going might require more intution and effort. And it unfortunately does lend itself to more backstabbing & misdirection. Just because you see a big stampede headed in one direction doesn't mean you're safe. You could be killed by as little as one or two stray, random, thoughtless votes. Make lots of friends but don't hesitate to shove them in front of the bus if things get sticky. You can always explain that you heard they were being ganged up on and just wanted to push them higher up the ladder and out of harm's way.
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