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Matty P

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Best ending of an episode since Ned Stark lost his head.
Agreed...I was sittin there thinkin to myself "self, I know he lost it right around this point in the book, I wonder when they're going to- OOOOOOOOOOOH ****!!!!"

Such a great episode! That whole Podrick scene at the whorehouse was pretty hilarious, as was the scene with the Hand meeting (moving chairs around). Sending Kat's father off in the canoe was also pretty humorous as well...LOTS of subtle comedy in this one!

Question...can someone fill me in on what the hell is going on with Theon SPOILER: ( I don't recall ANY of this from the books...I just remember him coming back as Reek later on in the fifth one (i think). Who was the kid that saved him in last night's episode?? )
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