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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Guessing I'll have to start reading them first.

First I have to read LoTR again though.
Honestly, I think you'll have more fun going in the other direction. I read ASOFAI and am currently in the middle of LOTR with my son. There are some theories out there that ASOFAI is basically middle earth after X amount of years. Westeros and Essos were once part of the same continent.

Here it is:
ASOIAF takes place thousands of years after LOTR, after the elves have left. The dwarves, orcs, and other races left over the millennia as the Age of Man took over, taking their magic with them. The last race to leave was the hobbits, also known as Children of the Forest. Enough time has passed over the years that the ocean slowly crept where there once was land. Valyria, located in the land that was once known as Mordor, was destroyed when Mt. Doom erupted one final time.
I don't personally believe this theory, but I've had fun trying to find clues to the truth of this as I read through the LOTR.
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