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John Elway

Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
The Pavilion is the BEST IMO. They were $15 seats (at least two years ago they were, didn't go to many last year), they were bleachers, and they were a great view usually in the sun. I loved it out there, and not just because I got to heckle Todd Hollandsworth while he was here.
I share some very good season tickets with others. I have eight games 20 rows straight behind home plate. I was just hoping to get a little variety today and sit someplace new, but I got off the train and started asking if anyone had one ticket and about the second guy passing me said he had an extra. It was one section over and one row down from my normal seats and he was selling it for face so I grabbed it.

It was a fun game even though Rockies lost. I know I couldn't stand in the batters box against Corpas. 95 mph from all different directions and not always over the plate.

Play of the day for Slap who I know loves the old tough guys game. Innanita threw out the catcher after a pitch at second base Tulowitski had him blocked so that I be Jim Brown couldn't have gotten through.

What's happened to the old style big catchers? Snakes backup Hammond was smaller than Tavaras.
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