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The notion that Cam Newton left Florida because of John ****ing Brantley is one of the absolute dumbest things ever posted on this site...
Just shows how ignorant and deluded you are. You think Florida would let Cam go because of a laptop or some tests he cheated on? Do you know how many legal problems all the Gators players face constantly? Then you claim other schools were trying to pay him to go there.. yet Florida is supposedly just letting him walk to competition?

Auburn beat Florida and Tebow before Cma was there.. they beat them this last season when Cam was gone...

That team was built perfectly for a run first QB.. Tebow would have been even MORE successful than Cam.. but he would have been LESS prepared a s a passer than he was coming out of Florida.. this is why Florida couldn't use Cam.. because he would have never been able to pass in Florida's offense.. just like he would have been creamed in the Broncos offense just like Orton was while Tebow won with the same team..
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