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When Cameron Newton left the University of Florida it was assumed the major reason was because of his arrest on charges of stealing a laptop. According to, Newton also faced a possible expulsion from school due to three separate instances of academic cheating.

CAPTIONBy John Reed, US Presswire
The story reports Newton violated the honor code as a freshman by cheating in class. Then in his sophomore season - after his arrest - he allegedly turned in two separate papers that he did not write.

Newton left school and transferred to Blinn College in Texas before facing Florida's Student Conduct Committee, which could have suspended the quarterback or kicked him out of school.

Asked Sunday night by USA TODAY about possible academic issues involving Newton while he was at Florida, Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs declined comment beyond saying, "Students have academic rights -- I'm sure you're familiar with FERPA -- and it'll be surprising to me if that was violated by anybody."
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