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Andy did you hear about this one?

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It was great meeting everyone at the game. I'm really geeked to have finally met up with Ludo "Shockey dropper" and his family, Archie/wifey and their beautiful baby girl, Atlas "Kyla Cole drinks Kamakazee shots", BroncosBlue (Manchester SUCKS!) Ogi "tailgate god", and a few buds I've never met in person before!

And of course, it always kicks ass to see Mr. Peepers, Calijohn, STG, BMF, Teddman, 12th man "mmm burgers". Hatman Jay, Marcus, Billy (and his fun wifey!) Woody and Robb's Sister, and Broncos Barrelman (get better Mrs. Barrelman!) and all you crazy peeps that we all met up with before the game and had a kickass time with!

Broncos @ Mile High South represent! W00t!

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