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Originally Posted by Montaq
I was worried last night when Dirk had to leave the game.

Heard anything on Dirk's ankle, llama?
He sprained it to start the third and came back in the fourth to go for...ahhh...only 11 points and 5 boards to cap off a 32 point 13 board effort. All in a day's work for Dirk.

He and Howard both now have sprains heading into Thursdays all-world clash with San Antonio. Devin Harris and DJ Mbenga are also both injured. Dirk is expected to play, Howard is a maybe, Devin is a probably not, and I dont know about DJ.

Dirk has been the best player in the league since the all-star break. It's time for ESPiN and the rest of the media to sack up, take their lumps, and start admitting that Dirk is the MVP if the season ended today. He's had an outstanding Elway-esque season this year. To deny him first team accolades and an MVP trophy would be criminal at this point.
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