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Champ Bailey

Just a few factoids for you guys in ESPiNville, USA...

Dallas is now the best team in the West at 42-11

Avery Johnson is now the All-Star coach due to his team's top record.

Only two team-leading players that score over 25 points and average at least 8 boards have ever lost MVP voting when their team wins games at the pace Dallas is: 78%. One of those was Amare Stoudemire and his teammate Nash won it that season. The other was a Celtic on those powerful Celtic teams. Dirk is the lone all-star on Dallas and has been the most reliable and effective player in the 4th quarter on any team. The guy is the definition of clutch. So which is it...Dallas has an all-star supporting cast, or Dirk is the MVP? After having watched almost every Mav game this season, Dirk is the MVP. It's his year. To snub him would be criminal. Can the excuses. The guy's the MVP.

Avery Johnson has made history as the best first year coach in the NBA annals. That cannot be ignored. Avery Johnson is coach of the year. Period, end of story. How can you say that another coach has done anything to rival making NBA history? We're talking about an all-time great performance here!

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