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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by Kaylore
Ok so that's 1.5 shaves a week times roughly 6 weeks. Roughly nine days per blade, which is about where I was at. Since I shave almost every day, it wasn't worth the cost in razors for me. In your case I can see why shaving isn't quite as big a deal but for me it's part of my daily grooming regimen so a better, less expensive process is worth my notice.

The classic blades I'm using now last longer, are cheaper and give me a closer shave that also doesn't grow back as fast. The soap makes my face feel and smell good and the brush softens the bristles, opens pores and exfoliates your skin.

Some people want to stick to their thing and never try anything new and that's ok. I just started this thread to suggest how there are better options out there that people should try.

got ya, yeah, i guess my face just doesnt care. One of these says maybe ill ry something new, but as for now its all working good!
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