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Matty P

Kaylore - i still can't figure out how to post quotes, but I'll definitely look for the ones with the white tips. Good info, good links too. I read through that whole thing, I'm wondering now what kind of base the Burt's Bees soap has, and if would make a difference. It feels pretty damn smooth, but it couldn't hurt to try the other stuff out.
Before I started using the brush and soap that i've got, I just used Barbasol for a while, that seemed to work fairly well.

The BEST tip i've got though (and mile high sack, this might work for you) I bought myself a fogless mirror for the shower. I wouldn't try the old fashioned way without a mirror, because I'd end up looking like edward scissorhands, but a cheap fogless mirror works great. That way you get all of the steam, hot water, and less mess.

I'm with you though kaylore.....No ingrown hairs, No red bumps or irritated skin, much closer shave that lasts longer for me. I only have to shave once every three days now.

I wonder if the blade quality makes a huge difference?

I used the original blades from 1946 until I lost em but so far i've been impressed with the stock Walgreens blades. i DID learn a pretty nasty lesson though the other day.....
To open the blade compartment on mine, you've got to twist the bottom part of the handle on the razor. A few weeks ago i had replaced a blade, but i forgot to screw it back down all the way. First swipe was right on the back of my jawline, underneath the ear.........HOLY SH*T. Large chunk of skin removed. MAKE SURE THE BLADES ARE LOCKED DOWN TIGHT.

Since then i've been extremely careful, and haven't had any more incidents. Nothing but great things to say about the old fashioned ways though.

And you're absolutely right, the cleaning is a snap. If you really want to get fancy, you can just soak the head in alchohol overnight once or twice a month.

Once again though, great idea for a thread.

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