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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by bronconia

Hooray for old fashioned shaving

great thread by the way - i'm going to order one of those badger haired brushes soon
Awesome. Welcome to the old school scene. The best kind of hair has white tips on the end. It comes from some portion of the badger (neck, I think) that holds the most water. Make sure you get a good scented soap. After awhile, your brush absorbs the scent and is an added bonus.

I don't think people believe how cool it is and how nice a shave it becomes. I look forward to my shaves now. It's cheaper too. 30 stainless stell platinum plated blades for $15 and you can use one a month without having to clean the crap out of them all the time like you have to with tripple/quadrupple bladed heads.
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